Baginbun Lodge

Baginbun Lodge electric heaters installation 01

Situated in the heart of the Hook Peninsula in Fethard on Sea, County Wexford, Baginbun Lodge is a 12-bedroom lodge finished to the finest standards.

The clients requested Farho radiators be installed in all areas including Bedrooms, Lobby’s and Dining areas and that all heaters be controlled through “Front of House”.

A detailed study was undertaken by our Technical Team, to design a system to meet the customer needs and a Nexho Management System was installed along with the Farho Xana XP range of heaters to ensure the system worked flawlessly.

In total 25 heaters are controlled using the Nexho Management System, giving the front of house staff full control and flexibility in programming of all heaters on one easy to use system. This also helps with minimizing the temperature of unoccupied rooms and during seasonal changes helps reduce excess utility costs.