Electric Heaters

Lower cost versus other heaters

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Cost compared to other heaters

Electric Heater installation can be as little as 50% of a traditional water-based central heating system. The flexibility of the Farho radiator means you can purchase just a single unit for 1 room – be it an extension, garage or workshop, or install in all rooms for a total property solution. The choice is yours. The units are maintenance-free and are proven technology, with a 10-year guarantee. Farho Electric Heaters are maintenance-free there are no servicing costs.


Farho electric heaters are made from aluminium in order to provide optimal heat emission – 150 kcal/h – through both radiant heat and convection. The specially developed liquid within the unit heats quickly and cools slowly, avoiding excessive use of electricity to keep it up to temperature. This would be particularly important for temporary school buildings (which lose heat very quickly). By early afternoon the legally required minimum temperature would not be maintained without Farho electric heaters.


Simply take it home, mount the bracket on the wall, plug it into a 13 amp wall socket and set time/temperature/day of the week, then walk away! There is no disruptive building or plumbing work, or the need to take time off work to get the units installed by expensive tradesmen. You can choose just 1 unit to boost the current heating system, or fit outthe whole property in one go – versatile enough to take with you when you move house! There’s no need for a fuel store – the plug socket is your only requirement – choose a renewable energy supplier to reduce your related carbon dioxide emissions. There’s no need for a chimney, and no noisy boiler.


Control – each unit has its own thermostatic control, and is programmable for up to 6 time periods for different days of the week. Pre-warm rooms before you expect to use them – this can be overridden easily for parties, guests or public holidays – and turn heating down to an ambient temperature for the rest of the time. Comfort is not dependent on the outside weather, and power is only drawn when the temperature drops below that set for that moment in time. Conventional water-based central heating provides maybe 1 or 2 thermostats and zone options – with Farho electric heaters every room is a zone, and each has its own thermostat. A wireless controller can control zones from a handheld device. You can even send an SMS text to tell it to get the house warm in extraordinary circumstances.


Can Farho Heaters reduces your carbon footprint? – We believe they can, as they only heat the rooms in use – 24x7x365. There are no direct carbon dioxide emissions attributed to running these units, as opposed to any fossil-fuel (coal/gas/oil) system. 8.7% (at 2008) of electricity generated in Ireland is from wind, and Ireland now lies 4th in the world and is improving all the time. Switching now to Farho electric heaters is future-proofing your heating costs. Switching your electricity supplier to one who favours renewable sources is making that extra step.


Leave your system to keep the house safely warm enough to prevent burst pipes and other equipment failure whilst away for the day or more extended periods. Even after a power cut, the programmed settings are restored. The control keyboard may be locked to avoid inadvertent access by unauthorised people (in the office) or children (anywhere). There is no risk of explosion, fire or carbon monoxide build-up associated with other heat sources.


When decorating, just lift the unit off its wall bracket to allow painting and wallpaper hanging to be made considerably easier. The units can easily be relocated to another room if desired.


Farho electric heaters do not dry the atmosphere nor add moisture, and do not create dust. They don’t use up any oxygen, so the occupants will not feel drowsy. There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning due to insufficient ventilation. Elderly and infirm occupants can keep a healthy warm environment where needed without fear of fuel poverty, reducing the risk of stroke and circulatory problems associated with cold areas in the house (Ireland’s elderly citizens often only keep one room warm to avoid high fuel cost, and suffer these health incidents more frequently than any of us would like).


Your rooms will all be comfortable for your family’s usual routine at all times. There is no noise associated with this system – it has a totally silent operation.


In apartment blocks, everyone has control of their own heating levels. For your main residence, you have total control over your heating costs 365 days of the year. Even eco-builds with normal passive heating (solar, geothermal, etc.) can benefit, allowing solar water heating to be used and doing away with a boiler system totally. Sheltered housing benefits from the system enabling elderly and infirm residents to keep warm 24 hours of the day.