The FARHO System

Choosing a heating system is not easy and it should always meet the most demanding criteria not only in terms of safety but also ecology and economy. We must be strict and only go for that system that gives us more: more versatility, better design, easier to use and more flexibility to adapt to our property. Our aim is to satisfy each individual member of a family allowing a personalised heating system and more than anything, a system that can be controlled all the time.

1. Patent

Our products are manufactured under a “manufacturing patent” being pioneers in the heating arena of low consumption electrical radiators. A revolutionary system that consumes up to 50% less electricity than other traditional heaters.

2. Aluminium

Our heaters are manufactured in an injected aluminium frame with White Epoxy finish, weather and corrosion proof which does not need any type of maintenance.

3. Thermal Fluid

FARHOIL high temperature, thermal fluid with a resistance -40°C to 330“C range, high heat conducting capacity and low vapour pressure, which has been specially developed to obtain maximum performance. It does not need maintenance or to be replaced, it retains its properties for life.

4. Resistor

1″ Metal-clad resistor, made of AISI-304 stainless steel tube, low energy and maximum heat efficiency.

5. Electronics

Digital Cronothermostat with twin probe technology which enables an accurate temperature reading for the room in question. In programming mode the desired temperature can be set in up to six, independent operating periods for each day of the week.

6. Remote control & Mobile phone control

Fitted with radio frequency control without any need for either wires or building work. You can simply manage your heating system from any part of your house or property without having to move around it. Change your programs, temperatures, etc. from the comfort of your sofa. Thanks to the Central Unit GSM modem, you can even manage the radiators from your mobile phone by means of a simple SMS.

7. Heating studies / Consumption control

FARHO, as a market leader, supplies its clients with a full detailed heating study of their project. Once the detailed heating study is finished, FARHO guarantees its clients an exact annual consumption (detailed on a monthly basis) based on the specific characteristics of the property and the weather conditions where the project is located.

8. Easy to install and upgrade

You wont find a heating system that can be installed within a couple of hours. Make your decision in the morning and enjoy your heating in the afternoon. If in the future you decide to upgrade your system, it’s even faster, within 30 minutes all your radiators in the house will be upgraded.

9. Instantly reacts to failures

What if your current system (storage, central heating, etc) fails? Due to the special characteristics of each of those products you will have no heating or comfort until the problem is solved, sometimes involving a lot of time, therefore lack of comfort, and more important, a big cost. With FARHO heating system this wont happen. If you have any problem it will only affect the room where the radiator is placed, and because of the nature of the system, the rest of the radiators in the house will momentarily cover the missing one by working a bit more time than in normal conditions.

10. Design

FARHO heaters not only supply a natural and healthy heat but at the same time can be fitted in any environment because of their aesthetics and versatility.