Running costs on similar products can be much more!
The Real alternative to Storage and Panel Heaters

Choosing a heating system is not easy and it should always meet the most demanding criteria, not only in terms of safety but also in ecology and economy.

Heat on Demand. The most important characteristic of this product is its flexibility when heating a house, office or property. You will be able to have the heat you want, when you want and where you want. The aim of the Farho system is to allow a personalised heating system that can be 100% controlled.

The XANA PLUS XP is the final word in comfort. It combines high-performance features with user-friendliness with an easy to operate control panel. Every day is fully controllable.

In programming mode, the desired temperature can be set in up to six independent operating periods for each day of the week. Twin probe technology has been designed enabling an accurate temperature reading for the temperature in question.

Fitted with cutting edge wireless control without any need for either wires or building work, the XANA XP can be controlled individually or by PC or tablet. This enables you to control all the heaters in any part of your home or workplace.

All Farho heaters come with a 10-year guarantee (2 years on electronics) and are maintenance-free.

The XP range can help to substantially reduce overall running costs in residential and commercial applications.

The FARHO range is the perfect system for those who wont to achieve better energy efficiency.

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