Armchair next to Farho electric heater in Energy Efficient room

In todays world, it’s
all about efficiency,
efficiency, efficiency!

Make the switch to the
energy efficient
FARHO heater.

Infrared patio heaters slide image

A range of powerful
Electric Indoor
and Outdoor
Infrared Patio Heaters

Large open plan kitchen living room

The FARHO system is
a personalised
heating system that
can be 100%

Baby crawling next to low surface temperature electric heater

Low Surface Temperature
Heaters Radiators

The perfect heating solution for
spaces in Schools, Nurseries,
Creches, Health Care Facilities
and Nursing Homes.

Farho electric heater installed on modern office

With Farho you are 100% in
control. And what’s more,
you can control remotely
if you like. With the NEXHO
unit and FREE App, you
control your heating program
from your smart phone when
you’re out ‘n’ about!

Electric heater installed in cosy living room

Farho Electric Heaters have
the flexibility when heating
your home, office, school
or property.


The REAL alternative
to less efficient
heating systems

Quick and Easy
to install

No pipes,
no mess

free app

No maintenance

Energy efficient

10 year warranty
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