Electric Heaters Advantages

The advantages of our system
Our radiators combine many of the advantages of other heating systems

FARHO radiators represent the fruits of several years’ research in the field of heating. They are characterised by combining the majority of the advantages of current systems given that they employ the most reliable features in terms of optimal heat emission (aluminium radiators) and energy source (electricity).

As a result of their high level of heat transmission by radiation and convection, they provide excellent heat performance, making the most of the electricity consumed.

The aluminium radiation elements are identical to those that are used for water heating, thus they offer numerous advantages:

  • They are static, light, east to fit and do not change with time, thus they are conservation and maintenance free.
  • They provide a high level of heat emission, some 150 kcal/h per element.
  • Several sizes can be manufactured in order to fit in with room size, which enables the client to have direct and instantaneous heating in all rooms, strictly adjusted to his or her real heating requirements at any given moment in time.

The use of electricity as a source of energy also brings with it several important benefits:

  • It is an energy source that is both easy to use and to control. It is reasonably economical, is non-pollutant and does not involve the same fire risk associated with other fuels.
  • Given that it is already available in premises or homes, there is no need for any further installation work to accommodate the energy source, thus avoiding the fixed costs of another bill.
  • Heat production can be regulated individually at each radiator, thus increasing effectiveness and reducing costs.
  • These are high performance installations given that heat loss is minimal, no big initial investment or maintenance is required and, moreover, no piping, tanks or boilers, etc. are needed.