Heating Hatch Student Accommodation

Hatch Student Accommodation Cork City electric heaters image 30

Hatch Student Living in Cork is a vibrant state of the art complex with a variety of unit types from two to five bedroom dorms and state of the art Kitchen Living areas after a recent €25 Million renovation.

Farho Electric heaters were asked to supply Farho heaters and Farho’s Nexho Heating controls for this property.

The clients request was to allow the front of house control all heaters on one system, in total 279 Farho Electric heater were installed. This broke down to 199 independent zones from halls, common areas, dorm rooms and their Kitchen living areas.

They requested a custom firmware which allows them to have full control over the heaters at all times from front of house staff. Students only have the option of boosting the heaters for consecutive 1h periods outside of pre programmed settings, this was requested by customer to reduce unnecessary use of heating and help with energy efficiency throughout the building.

From the control system installed on the main office computer they can now set the temperature on all the heaters in any individual zone, enable, disable and edit the programs. When programs are disabled the heater is locked with a 10ºC setpoint that can only be changed from the control PC, and no boost function is available.

The Farho system gives this premises great flexibility in controlling heating programs for sessional changes, midterms and end of College terms reducing excess utility cost.