FARHO – Intelligent Heating

FARHO is located in the North of Spain, in one of the most accessible areas in the Asturias region.

They are located in the Industrial Area of Tabaza, just 30 Km from the capital of Asturias, Oviedo, and just 10 minute drive from the International Airport of Asturias, from where you can fly direct to London and Paris, and to the most important cities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, etc.)

Established in 2000, their 5,000 m2 warehouse rapidly became too small due to the spectacular growth of the company, and they moved in June 2007 to a new 15,000 m2 modern installation a mere 200 m from the original facility.

The original facility building is now wholly given over to research as part of our R+D+I Department, which will continue to develop new models and incorporate improvements into existing ones in order to meet our clients’ needs and those of the various international markets in which we are currently positioning ourselves.