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SMART HEATING SOLUTIONS - The REAL alternative to less efficient heating systems

Smart Customer - A

Ann (Co. Waterford) - 3 Units

Ann converted the garage in the family home to a bedroom and added an en suite bathroom too create guest room. Using Farho’s fully programmable intelligent heating system Ann not only saves on running costs she did not have interfere with any of the existing home heating system, no kango hammer, no ripping, no mess.

Smart Customer - B

Dr. Pat Nolan (Co. Louth) - 12 Units

When the mid Louth surgery was being updated with 2 additional consulting rooms and a major facelift the architect specified Farho fully programmable heating solutions to comply with safety and ecological criteria. By choosing Farho the entire practice is set with each consulting room, waiting room and duty station totally independent with different operating periods set for local use and times. With it’s cutting edge wireless control everything is managed from the duty desk and the timers along with the twin probe temperature technology means the running coast are substantially lower than they used to be with more comfort.
Smart Customer - C

Mac Maestro Office Complex (Dublin) - 50 Units

When Mac Maestro moved into their new headquarters they needed a heating solution that catered for their flexible employee arrangement. With the Xana Plus XP they got the perfect solution. With global control via smartphone the desk user was able to make sure their station was warm and comfortable no matter when they were at their desk, and with clients based around the world that meant they could be working at anytime day or night. With the total control of the system and the efficient consumption the Farho range is capable of achieving great savings in both the installation and running costs.