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Electric Heaters - The REAL alternative to costly Storage Heating and Panel Heating

The NEXHO-NT system allows you to have in full control of your home heating at your fingertips, wherever you are. All you need is your smart device and an internet connection.

You can turn on/off your system, know at any given time the exact temperature of each individual radiator, turn the programs on/off, etc.

Furthermore, the new module NEXHO-NT will also allow you to control all the products from the Nexho range: thermostats, alarms, lights, electrical products, garage doors, blinds, etc. A perfect system for those who want a better control of their living in order to achieve a better energy efficiency.


Farho Electric Heaters are the electric central heating of the future. Electric heating as an alternative cannot be ignored when considering the financial savings, safety, control, longlife, performance and ease of installation.

As an alternative to storage heaters and panel heaters, electric heaters tick all the boxes and outperform their lesser rivals time and time again. With focus on renewable energy sources and declining fossil fuels such as gas, it’s safe to predict electrical energy will be more cost effective now and in the future.

Farho electric heaters are superior to storage heaters and panel heaters and best in their class. With a combination of high spec materials and clever engineering you get high performance and reliable heating all at the right cost.

The heat generated by electric heating radiates multi directionally. This natural convection spreads warmth into the room. As heated air is not forced around the room, like storage heating and panel heating, dust and particles are not disturbed making for a healthier living space.

Farho electric heating does not dampen or dry out the air like panel heating and storage heating. It supplies a natural healthy heat. Also with Farho electric heaters, oxygen in the air is not burned which can lead to fumes and odours and staining of surfaces.

Safety is paramount so our electric heaters have features such as a temperature limit and a keypad lock. The product shape is designed with soft edges. So rest easy if young children are running about or if your property is let. This electric heating system is maintenance free so save money on the annual service bills.

With no pipe work, the time and cost to install a Farho electric heaters is radically reduced. This opens up a new freedom for architects and home builders. Electric heating is ideal for points in the property where pipes are difficult to install.

Gas and oil central heating systems burn fuel onsite and can carry the safety risks of leaks. Gas leaks can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and potentially explosions. The copper pipe work can corrode over time and may become susceptible to leaks. This can be quite damaging to the property and time consuming repairs if the pipes are underfloor. Properties which are vacant can be of concern especially over the winter period. Electrical heaters do not carry these risks and it can be argued that they are far safer.

FARHO electric heaters represent the fruits of several years’ research in the field of heating. They are characterised by combining the majority of the advantages of current systems given that they employ the most reliable features in terms of optimal heat emission (aluminium radiators) and energy source (electricity).

As a result of their high level of heat transmission by radiation and convection, they provide excellent heat performance, making the most of the electricity consumed.

The aluminium radiation elements are identical to those that are used for water heating, thus they offer numerous advantages:
They are static, light, east to fit and do not change with time, thus they are conservation and maintenance free.
They provide a high level of heat emission, some 150 kcal/h per element.
Several sizes can be manufactured in order to fit in with room size, which enables the client to have direct and instantaneous heating in all rooms, strictly adjusted to his or her real heating requirements at any given moment in time.